Moon Beams for Sweet Dreams – Lakeview Family Night

With the holidays soon approaching and the season of giving upon us, we all begin to think about ways to come together as one with those that we love, as well as ways to pay it forward to others in need of a little holiday cheer.  Lakeview families are invited to come together and join in and make a positive difference for sick children and their families through “Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams." To give you a little background/history of the event, it started two years ago. Beaumont Health and its community partners use flashlights to help young patients settle in a for a good night’s sleep while they are stuck in the hospital during the holiday season. Beginning each night at 8 p.m., pediatric patients located in the children’s hospital portion of the hospital shine flash lights from their hospital windows and look for community members standing outside the hospital to shine the light back at them.  Lakeview families are coming together on Thursday, December 19th, 7:30 PM at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.  Look for the Husky sign in the parking lot.